How many of you have tried breaking up with your boyfriend in a heat of a heart beat just to find yourself puzzled on how to win him back that instant? Women usually use breaking up as a black mail to getting what they want especially if they know that their man is crazy about them. But what if you boyfriend decided to agree with your suggestion to break up? Would that be such an awful experience then?

What you do need to know is that your boyfriend did not really agree with breaking up with you. In fact, if you try to do the right methods on how to win him back, he will crawl back to you in no time. But before that, you must reverse the situation by first understanding why he agrees to break up with you. To be able to do the tactics on how to win him back, you must think about the first time you met and how he treated you. And after that, you should go through the relationship and assess how many times he tried to break up with him and what your reasons were. Let us go through the steps one by one.

How to win him back by recalling how you started the relationship with him

When your boyfriend courted you, did you sense any doubt about his actions? Did you think twice about his intension? If so, then there was a problem with the relationship as it started and that is why you have been troubled about trying to get what you want from him as the relationship continued. You have probably been using black mail tactic and those attempts have caused a cold war between you and your partner. To know how to win him back, you must try to contemplate on what you really want and then communicate it to your boyfriend so that you will be able to trouble shoot the situation.

How to win him back by counting the times you wanted him away

Even if you feel as if you did not mean it when you tried to break up with your boyfriend, there is a minute part of you that wanted it. The reason why it was very easy for you to utter those words is because you feel that he was the cause of all your pain. And by breaking up with him, you feel that he will be able to realize that he has not done enough for the pain to get away. But you did the wrong strategy because instead of strategizing how to win him back, you ended up making a pile of break up moments that he forced him to drown into being too pissed and tired about the situation.

How to win him back by going through your reasons

Now, after superficially knowing that you probably broke up with your boyfriend because you did not get what you wanted him to do, it is time to go through the things you want to have, in detail. Did you want your boyfriend to be sweet? Did you want him to be more understanding? Did you want him to stop being obsessive? Did you want him to stop being abusive?

If you broke up with your ex because of the last two reasons mentioned, then there is no point thinking about how to win him back because he is not worth it. But if your reasons fall under the first two things said, then there is still a big chance for you to recover your love and turn it into a blissful one. So do not hesitate to implement the reliable methods on how to win him back.