How to save a relationship the wrong way. . . Listen to these advises that tell you what you should not do in order for your to GET WHAT YOU WANT.

Let us be straight to the point everyone. There are dangerous mistakes that you have done when you tried on how to save a relationship. I am not saying that this only pertains to women. What I’m saying is that men and women commonly do these mistakes. These errors lead to your downfall. Little do you know that you are entering a world of distress not because of your break up but because of the things that you did after it. Below are those things.

How to save a relationship the wrong way: you say you will change in order for the relationship to succeed

This is not a method on how to save a relationship. Making a reassurance that you will never complain and that you will never try to control emotions nor lie about anything is like making a deal with the devil. The truth behind this line is like telling your ex that you want him or her to do things the way you want things to be done and it is basically controlling the situation to your liking. Most exes who feel this kind of control immediately pull away from the relationship.

How to save a relationship the wrong way: you say that you love to save the relationship no matter what

Telling your partner that you want to stay in a relationship no matter what is like forcing him or her to be in the relationship because that is what you need and not necessarily what is essential for the relationship.  The main reason why your ex pulled away from you is naturally because you have ignored the basic needs of the relationship.  And because of that, he or she has easily slipped away from being attracted to you.  When someone has slipped away in that sense, it is hard to drag them back if you use a method that only considers your needs and not the other partner’s. You must be able to find out the proper way on how to save a relationship with your ex girlfriend or boyfriend that does not involve obvious manipulation.

How to save a relationship the wrong way:  You act as if you want to change your partner

Begging for you partner to come back is definitely a bad idea on how to save a relationship. Doing so is like influencing him or her to change in order for you to get what you want. It is the most counterproductive action to do. And it will definitely destroy the relationship.

How to save a relationship the wrong way: you act in desperation on how to save a relationship

Of the entire worst thing to do in doing how to save a relationship, acting disgraceful around your ex is probably the worst thing to do. Showing your lack of self-confidence and sending an aura of being pathetic will automatically discourage your partner to even reconsider having a relationship. Men and women are attracted to security of which can only be taken from someone who has the will power and stamina to take in any challenges in life. Acting desperate shows that you cannot put up with the trials that come your way.