So, have you been playing some mind game to your ex girlfriend because you think that that is the best way on how to get your girlfriend back? I bet that you have been trying to tell her that you will change your attitude in order to patch things up for you to have a better relationship. I bet that you have even considered assuring her that she will be the only woman in your life and that you are even willing to become her best friend. And worst, I bet that you have been sending her gifts and flowers just to catch her attention and reconsider you as her one and only love.

I have bad news for you. Because of the things that you have considered doing or that you might already have been doing, you have successfully pushed your girlfriend farther away from the possibility of rethinking the break up. You might have been reading the wrong guide on how to get your girlfriend back because you do not know that you have been doing everything in the wrong direction. Now, below you will find two things that you did not even considered doing in the first place, but are actually the things that you should do in order to get back the most important person in your life.

How to get your girlfriend back : be counterintuitive

Even if other relationship guides tell you that you must listen to your first intuition, you must evaluate your actions before doing it. Most guides do not have any psychological basis to the points that they are uttering. In fact, the truth is that you should not be following your first gut feel when it comes to getting your ex back.

As men, you think that showering your ex girlfriend with attention is the first step on how to get your girlfriend back, but the truth is that if you do not take any particular attention to her, she will be more interested with you. Women like to be hunted and so, when they are not run after, they make actions in order for you to run after them.

How to get your girlfriend back : be sophisticated

If you think that acting crazy and pitiful around your ex will make her want to put her arms around you and hug away your pain, then you might belong to another planet. Doing the puppy eye look is not a way on how to get your girlfriend back. Women hate it more than fats when men do not look confident around them. They feel immediately discouraged and turned-off when they see their men looking like trashy and pathetic. I tell you, it is not cute to be disgraceful.

The two advices are only a few of the many advices that would assure that you implement the methods on how to get your girlfriend back for good. Read more on the website or visit the how to get your girlfriend back video to get more techniques