Here are words to ponder on why we always want to know how to get someone back…

See, some species of animals are solitary.   The cheetah, giant panda and tiger remain apart from other members and only mate or rear offspring.   But what about humans?   Do we tend to keep ourselves, guarding our privacy from the incursion of others, or are we relationship-oriented who prefer the company of other people to a life alone?   Yes, we as social animals tend to be relationship- oriented and we do want to get our cherished someone who is gone or lost back.

That explains why when your beloved someone becomes your ex, you try hard to find out ways on how to get someone back.

How to get someone back – getting down on desperate moves

In finding out how to win your ex back, often you spend money to know your ex’s real number and location.   If you become obsessed with him or her, you tend to act desperate and end up hiring detectives to search the whereabouts.   Because of your love, you try harder to offer your ex any reason to decide to make up once again.

Being left by someone you love is like a quick blow. Because of the intense negative feeling, you immediately want to know how to get someone back. It is like ostracism status that you feel so low and rejected by someone you really liked.   It is like being excluded by a person usually by being ignored, shunned or explicitly banished.  Like a hanging thread, you don’t know why and how you lost it. And that is why you settle for disgraceful actions in an effort to ease out your pain.

How to get someone back back – getting on with the “freeze, befriend and fight” action

Reflexive reaction to exclusion is followed by a more deliberate reflective stage.   You consider the reasons for their rejection and respond accordingly.   People will display characteristics to stress responses like freeze or befriend and in funny and amusing cases the fight response.

The” freeze” response shows your denial tendencies and that you tend to snob the person who left you.   If he or she flashes a smile, you immediately pull back a blank stolid look like in waxwork actresses and go freeze.   In this way, that person will be shocked and is forced to say sorry to you personally, then, you take the chance to communicate and implement your strategies on how to get someone back.

The “befriend” response is characterized by increased nurturing, protecting, and supportive behavior and by seeking out connections to other people.   In this case when that person runs for presidency in the university, you are there as a shoulder to cry on when things get rough. And you feel that this is the best way on how to get someone back for good.

The “fight” response is summed up by the activation of the sympathetic nervous system that proposes you to counter the threat by a slap on his or her face.  This response surely gets you to zero.   Since fights aggravate situations, it will never let that someone you like back in your life.

So which of the desperate moves and the three immediate responses should you use in order for your to have the best tactic on how to get someone back? Continue reading on the website to find out more.