When getting back together, you have to need the Divine assistance for a perfect solution.   Lean on the Creator.   Speak whatever sentiments in your heart.   Talk to Him.   Listen also.   Give your Creator a time to speak to you.   Listen heartily but if you can’t hear Him speak check the volume control of your conscience.   Know that your partner is not your god and therefore, you have to consult the Creator for a perfect solution.  Ask his Divine Wisdom and knowledge to give you power to acquire consummate love.

Getting back together with someone thru consummate love

To have consummate love, recognizes the need to master erotic love and filial love.   Erotic love comes from the Greek word “Eros” that expresses that love is not complete without romance.   Hence, find moments to let you and your partner burn with desire by forging mystery between yourself and him.   We all know that mystery creates excitement and this develops into romantic feelings.   By being mysterious, do not expose yourself freely by letting him see all the things about you including the negative side and when you get the booger on your nose.

Getting back together with someone thru self-preservation

To keep the fire burning and in finally getting back together, respect your partner by being not so revealing to the extent that his trust for you won’t work anymore.   Be cool.   Even at picnics, you have to dress properly and sleek.   A good grooming and a presentable personality would not turn him sour.   Guard yourself on how finesse you act and dress to form that transforming energy that arises erotic love.

Getting back together with someone thru filial love


On the other hand, “Eros” alone will not have harmony without “filial” love.   Filial love is brotherly love and intends to assert the truth that love is not complete without harmonious companionship.   To be a delightful company, you must be spontaneous and smart.   You have to show-off your talents.   It does not have to be fun all the time but it must have at least a goal to look forward to.   All you have to do for getting back together is to have intimacy by sharing activities together.

We all like lasting relationships and these may get to the point of reconciliation.   It is not that easy because getting back together concerns consummate love that each of us needs to fill up in order to avoid separation.   Both “Eros” and filial love should be sealed making kisses everlasting.