I know that many of you get into emotional problems that you can’t sleep because your man left you.   Some of you may drink too much on alcohol to rid of this problem.   Some of you may spend too much on load to text your ex since you to get your man back. Or more dangerous, you might get comfort on drugs.   You are so anxious and stressed out that you can’t hardly focus or be interested on anything other than your ex.   You need emergency assistance.   Here are tips that can help you get your man back.

Get your man back : Reconstruct

First, reconstruct.   Assess on reasons why you failed in your relationship with your man.   Imagine the moments when you were together and what turns him sour.  Go ahead and list down those things that need improvement.   Write them on a letter.   Make steps for reconciliation so that you two can talk it over.   If you failed on the hotspot, be better by looking hot when you plan to meet him.    It might be a change of platform shoes.   If that doesn’t work, try to be cool.   Wear pump sneakers and sporty outfits that make him think you are always out to the gym.   Go modern.   If he likes sophisticated, be conventional and follow rules.   If you don’t have a job, look for one or be a success in school.  You know that being successful makes you confidence and confidence always helps as you get your man back.

Get your man back : Focus on weaknesses

Second, facilitate on his weaknesses.  Know his schedule and whereabouts.   Know your man.   Accidentally meet him and find strength by pouring solutions to his weaknesses.   Does he need a job and that is why he is so busy he can’t talk to you anymore?   Does he need a car and lacks transportation to your house?   Is your house too far?   Does his mother dislike you?   Does he have an injury and he can’t walk?   Did he lost his phone to the snatcher and that is why he can’t answer you back on the phone?   Or worst, did he lost his sanity and forgot about you?  Know these weaknesses.

Get your man back : Improve yourself

Third, it doesn’t mean that if you know his weaknesses you can’t have weaknesses too.   Know yours.   Knowing yourself also is a big factor.  On the self-discovery, it can make positive changes.   Those are steps to start anew for a good relationship together.

To get your man back, it must have a good recipe.   One cup of understanding, one pint of patience and creativity to have a perfect reconstruction of love.